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Capt. Rick (right) with a record-breaking 480.9 lb. swordfish caught on THE SEA HORSE.

Capt. Rick (right) with a chart-busting 480.9 lb. swordfish caught on THE SEA HORSE.

Sunday, September 19, 2014

NOTE: This record was held until April 2018.

Six anglers aboard Islamorada’s sportfishing charter boat THE SEA HORSE landed an “unofficial” charter boat chart-busting catch — a 480.9 lb. swordfish!

The swordfish was caught during a fishing charter booked on THE SEA HORSE. Earlier that day, anglers battled two other swordfish who ultimately got away. The old saying, “third time’s a charm” rung true for the anglers as the third fish was successfully landed by the charter.

The anglers fought this swordfish for one hour and fifteen minutes before bringing it onboard. Fishing in 1,600 feet of water at the continental shelf with a bonito belly rig on 80 lb. braided line, all six anglers onboard THE SEA HORSE took turns reeling in this monstrous swordfish.

Upon returning to Whale Harbor Marina, the swordfish was weighed on an IGFA certified scale. The reason this catch was ruled as “unofficial” is that all six anglers worked to bring in the swordfish. To be an official record, only one angler is allowed to reel in the catch. However, this swordfish is the largest swordfish to be caught by a charter in Islamorada. The old record was a 450 lb. swordfish caught by a competing marina on the island.

This gigantic swordfish yielded over 400 lbs. of useable meat and was divided up among the anglers that worked to catch the fish.

This monster catch reinforces the moto of THE SEA HORSE — “You WILL catch fish!” On this day, we proved it!

If you want to attempt to bring in a record swordfish, call Capt. Rick at 305-664-5020 today to book your trip!

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