In recent outings, our adventures aboard the Sea Horse have led us to the lively depths of Islamorada, where the dance of Blackfin Tunas unfolds in various water depths, from the reef’s edge to the exhilarating Islamorada Hump. Alongside the Tunas, our lucky guests have reeled in the majestic Wahoo and, on special occasions, the vibrant Mahi Mahi. While the demand for Mahi remains high, each encounter with these colorful delights is truly a delightful surprise.

Sailfish enthusiasts, rejoice! The edge of the reef has been a hive of Sailfish activity, accompanied by bountiful catches of Yellowtail Snapper and Kingfish. It’s a spectacle that not only brings joy to seasoned anglers but also ensures smiles on the faces of every member of the family aboard the Sea Horse.

Our clients, now well-acquainted with the excitement our fishing adventures offer, eagerly anticipate their return. The variety of catches and the thrill of the chase keep them coming back for more. Join us, and you’ll discover why our happy clients become cherished friends, ready to embark on another round of unforgettable fishing experiences.

For more information and to secure your spot aboard the Sea Horse, don’t hesitate to give me, Capt. Rick, a call at 305-664-5020. Your next fishing adventure awaits – let’s make it extraordinary!