Fishing off-shore from Islamorada has been exceptional. We have caught a lot of Mahi everyday of all sizes, Schoolies, Heavy lifters, Gaffers, Teenagers, Slammers, and Slobs. Great fun and full fish boxes at the end of the day. Many Mahi have been caught close to the edge of the reef. However their average size has not been as big as the fish caught further off-shore. Twenty miles or more has been the distance where catching consistently larger fish has occurred. Most of these fish were caught on chunks of Bonita, and Squid wings.
While looking for Mahi schools we have been trolling plastic squid lures, and rigged baits. On many occasions while looking for fish we have caught gifts out of the blue. Wahoo, Slammer Mahi, and Billfish have blessed us while looking around the Gulf Stream. One exceptional fish we caught lately was a Spearfish. Not many have been caught lately so getting one to the boat and snapping some pictures was kind of a big deal. These fish are normally not very big. They are strong and jump a lot. At first glance we thought it was a small White Marlin because of it’s frequent aerial acrobatics. To our surprise it was a spearfish weighing approximately 40 pounds.