Off Shore: Great fishing here in Islamorada like always. We are really enjoying a variety of fish species. Yesterday we caught Kingfish, Snappers, Sailfish, and some Mahi near the edge of the reef and further off shore. Catching fish has not been a problem, plenty for everyone and some big fish too. The recent storm shook us up but we are all doing fine. Like I mentioned the fishing is fantastic. Most hotels and resorts from Key largo to Islamorada are open. Those that are not will be open soon for business. Almost all the restaurants are open to cook your catch too. We have cleaned up after the hurricane and are ready to take you fishing.

Off ShoreForecast: Look forward to more Sailfish, Kingfish, and Cobia action along the edge of the reef from now to March. Somedays when we least expect it there will be some good size Mahi Mahi working their way west along the reef also. These awesome fishing days often occur shortly after a cold front passes through the Keys. Bigger fish like these Mahi are strong enough to swim against the Gulf Stream and try to go south west. They don’t make it very far, because we will often catch most of them.

Back Country: Redfish Snook, Spanish Mackerel, and Mangrove Snapper are abundant in the Florida Bay area and Flamingo State park. Many guides have reported outstanding fishing trip this week. All indicators point to a successful fall and winter season.

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