Off Shore:   We have been catching Mahi Mahi everyday for a couple months.   Most days have been very good fishing with an occasional billfish or Wahoo opportunity from time to time.  Some Captains have been increasing their odds of catch a Wahoo or a Billfish by using lures with a Ballyhoo.  It does not take much effort to use a rigged bait and to have a few back up lures ready for action.  Along with rigged baits it is important to use good quality hooks, leaders, line, rods, and reels.   Proper drag setting make all the difference when pursuing larger fish.  Presetting conventional reel drags using a scale is much more effective than pulling line off by hand and guessing.  These small steps of paying attention to small details truly make a big difference when the big bite opportunity occurs.
Off Shore Forecast:    More Mahi action will probably come our way.  The middle of the summer looks good if you consider it has been good fishing for some time.  We all know that everyday we head off shore will be different from the previous day. 80 or more miles of water pass by the Islamorada area every 24 hours.  The Gulf Stream provides us a new ocean every morning.  Some days more fish migrate in our range than others. The depth that we find the fish is constantly changing also.  However covering a lot of water through out the day looking for tell tale signs will increase your opportunities to catch more fish. 
Back Country:   Captain John Captain Russ, Captain Skip, and Capt Jeremy are the Back Country guides to call when you visit Whale Harbor.  They have been catching a variety of sport fish in Florida Bay, and Flamingo’s  The past few weeks Tarpon and Sharks have been their primary target in and around Florida Bay.