Off Shore: Black Fin Tuna action has been very good along the edge of Conch Reef, and the Islamorada Hump. Live bait presentations like bump trolling and live bait chumming with Pilchards has been very productive. Slow trolling with small plastic lures has helped many anglers catch Black Fin Tunas around the Islamorada Hump. Slow trolling really catches Tunas sometimes 4 at a time when properly executed. The trick is to troll at a slow speed that does not create a lot of white water behind the boat. Additionally directing your boat 60 degrees with the current and 240 degrees against the current when passing over the Hump. This method reduces confusion around other boat operators reducing tangled lines, cut offs from other boats, and other nonsense. This natural presentation has been proven to get more fish caught and less stress.


Amberjacks, Banded Rudder Fish, of all sizes are loaded on the 409 and Islamorada Humps. Live Blue Runners, Goggle Eyes, and slabs of Bonita seem to have been producing more bites than any other method.


Wahoo have been caught regularly everyday for a few weeks now. A variety of trolling techniques have been successful. Everyone has the best way to catch them lately so do it your way and catch some Wahoos.


Off Shore Forecast: We are eagerly waiting for the Mahi to make their appearance. Even though we have caught a few lately it has not been a regular occurrence to catch them. Probably once these cold fronts pass by and we have a prevailing east wind the Mahi will migrate through the Islamorada area.


Back Country: Captain John Captain Russ, Captain Skip, and Capt Jeremy are the Back Country guides to call when you visit Whale Harbor. They have been catching a variety of sport fish in Florida Bay, and Flamingo’s Everglades National Park. Mangrove Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Redfish, Snook, and Sharks have been common catches.