Off Shore Report: Fishing in Islamorada is always good, all year! Somewhere within our range any good Captain down here can put a catch together for their clients.


The past few days we have been catching Kingfish, Tunas, a variety of Snappers, and of course Sailfish. Our clients always have fun and always catch fish. Having fun is just as important as catching fish, aaaaaaaaaaah maybe NOT!


Either way, I like to catch fish for my clients. I put my mate through the ringer everyday to maximize our fish catching capabilities. I do this because every client goes through a lot of planning and expense to get here. By the time they are on the boat they have planned time off work, set up hotel, a rental car, researched a boat to fish on, endured a flight, and drove through Miami. If that does not qualify a client to catch fish and have fun nothing does. 100% effort with a passion to catch fish is what everyone paying customer will get on the Sea Horse. Unless the client says, “tone it down Captain,” the beatings will continue until moral improve. LOL!!!