Off Shore Report: We have been catching Mahi Mahi everyday in the Gulf Stream near the Islamorada Hump and further off shore.  Size of the Mahi have varied from school to school.  The distance of the fish has had no consistency. One day you may find them 15 miles off shore the next 30 miles.  The key to finding fish has always been cover a lot of water until you find them.  
Black Fin Tunas have been around the 409 and Islamorada hump in large numbers.   There have been some heaver fish caught in these locations.  Unfortunately the sharks have been eating most of the bigger tunas during the fight.  Overall fishing has been very good off shore.
Off Shore Forecast: Look for more Tuna action, and Mahi around the humps.  Morning will probably continue to be the best time to locate and catch fish until the water temperature begins to fall.  Kingfish will probably increase in number around the wrecks near Crocker Reef.
Back Country Report: Tarpon around the bridges in the Islamorada area.  Live Mullet and Mahi bellies have been the top two best baits for catching Tarpon. Sea Trout, Black Drum, Sharks, and Mangrove Snappers have been consistently caught throughout Florida Bay.