Islamorada Sea Horse off-shore Fishing Report: Recently fishing in the Islamorada has been challenging with constant changes in water temperature. The most successful Captains have resorted to fishing for different species of fish, and different techniques for catching fish. A great example of fishing for different fish is Deep drop fishing in 400 feet or more. This technique is commonly performed with electric reels. Electric reels are not always the most sporting way to catch fish; however it has been better than not catching fish. Fishing deeper water structures has been exciting and has often been a very productive way to put lots fish the cooler. Amberjacks are a big fun fish that have made an early appearance at the hump and have eased some of the stress of catch fish consistently. These jacks are big many have been caught in excess of 100 pounds. Jacks can be caught on live or dead bait as well as jigging lures. They have been abundant, big, and cooperative. We have had fun fighting a big fish at the Hump and the Hump is a great place to catch jacks.