Since the 1st day of March many anglers in the Islamorada area seem to believe Dolphin/Mahi is not in season. Some of us believe Mahi are available all year and increase in numbers as we get closer to early summer. Since fishing is always about finding and catching fish; it is fair to say if the fish are around you can catch them. Fish where the fish are is a simple thing to say but not always easy to do. Productive anglers eliminate unproductive water and focus on finding fish that can be caught. When locating Mahi it is important to recognize these fish can be found from the edge of the reef to many miles off-shore. The Mahi need to eat and are constantly looking for food. This is why Mahi are commonly found near weed lines, current edges, and floating debris where bait fish seek safe hiding places.

April is just around the corner with some great fishing in the Islamorada area. We look forward to large quantities of Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, Amberjack, Yellowtail, Grouper, Kingfish, Cobia, and Marlin. The reef and the off-shore waters are looking clean and lively with large schools of baitfish moving north. Ballyhoo, Cigar Minnows, Pinfish, and Sardines are plentiful on the patch reef areas. The sandy patches are also holding big schools of pilchards.

We have the bait fish, and the sport fish down here swimming around waiting to be caught. Our unique environment is like no other place in America. Everyone that loves fishing should consider a fishing trip to Islamorada where the fishing is great all year.

Capt Rick Rodriguez