Cortez “Hot Damn” Oyster Stew

Florida “Cracker” Cooking!
Cortez “Hot Damn” Oyster Stew

¼- Pound of Apple wood Smoked Bacon – diced thumbnail size
1- Jumbo Yellow Onion – fine chopped
4- Large Red Potatoes – course cut with skin on
2 – Carrots – fine chopped
1/4 – Stalk Celery, course chopped with leaves
1 – Table spoon dried Chopped Basil
1 – Table spoon fresh chopped Garlic
1 – 12/16 oz canned Tomatoes with juice and seeds – coarsely squeezed
1 – Table spoon “Crystal” Hot Sauce
1/2 – Table “Worcestershire Sauce
1 – Quart of water
1 – Table spoon Sweet Sherry wine sauce
4 – dozen Oysters – scrubbed

Combine all the above ingredients (except oysters) in a two gallon stock pot and bring to a slow roll – continue roll for approximately 15 – 20 twenty minutes, or until the vegetables are tender and not mushy. In a separate stock pot cover 4 dozen scrubbed oysters with water and simmer until the oysters open. Remove the oysters and add oyster broth to the vegetable pot, shuck oysters and add to stock pot – season with salt and pepper to your taste.

Serve immediately with homemade cornbread for sopping!
Should serve 4 – 8 folks.

Chef Tom McEachern
Bare Bones