Fried Fish

Fried fish! Many anglers love to fry their fish. Almost every group of anglers aboard the Gulf Grouper asks me what is the best way to fry fish? Simple question right; not for me! What do I really know about frying fish? So I did some research, and I sampled some local down home cooking. After carefully applying deductive reasoning and a few other .25 cent terms. I believe the best way to fry fish is in a PAN!

However 2 methods did appeal to my pallet and I am certain most anglers will enjoy at least one of them.

Go to Publix and purchase a 13 oz bag of Andy’s RED seasoning and follow the instructions. I promise Andy’s is an outstanding breading for fish and it won’t taste like chicken.

Another method that I found to be delightful is as follows.

1 cup of flour
1 cup of corn starch
Add salt to taste “approximately 1 table spoon”

Shallow pan fry with Grape seed oil, it allows you to fry with a little more heat than olive oil without burning; the result is a crisper fish.
Additionally, it has more of the good things olive oil has.
So, fry, fry, fry, fry, till golden and enjoy the simple pleasure of fried fish.