Grouper, Spanish Style


    • Olive Oil 1/8 of a cup
    • White Onions One white onion diced or sliced
    • Fresh Garlic 1/4 of a hole
    • Red Bell Peppers 1
    • Cyan Pepper or Paprika Teaspoon
    • Salt to 1/2 Teaspoon or to taste
    • White Wine 1 cup

Pan or Pot “medium to medium high”

Pour olive oil in the pan or pot and bring to med heat.
Place One white onion diced or sliced, minced garlic, and bell peppers into the oil
Allow the onions and peppers to cook until soft
Place the filets of fish directly over the top of the simmering onions and peppers
Allow fish to cook 7 minutes and turn the filet over
Add 1 cup of white wine and allow a few minutes to reduce
Add salt and cyan to taste and more bell pepper if you like
Cover for 10 minutes with heat on very low
Note:(if large portions of fish are used cook a little longer)

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