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“Capt Rick does it again!!!”

“’Sea Horse’ won ‘The 26th Annual Capt. Al Flutie OVER THE HILL RIP-OFF Sailfish Tournament’ for us!”

Captain Rick and his mates on ‘SEA HORSE’ worked wonders for us on a very difficult day’s fishing to win several prizes including the Overall High Points Angler, First Sailfish Released, High Points Boat Captain, and High Points Boat Mate in ‘The 26th Annual Capt. Al Flutie OVER THE HILL RIP-OFF Sailfish Tournament’. This was on a day when there were only three sailfish successfully released amongst the sixteen boats and forty plus anglers fishing the tournament.

We’d fished the The 24th Annual Capt. Al Flutie OVER THE HILL RIP-OFF Sailfish Tournament in 2013 with ‘Sea Horse’ and had been so impressed with them we booked again for this year; unfortunately we weren’t able to fish the 2014 tournament otherwise we’d have booked that with ‘SEA HORSE’.

As well as the tournament this January we also had a day pleasure fishing with ‘SEA HORSE’, deep dropping and trolling with a wonderful catch of no less than nine species, Amberjack, Almaco Jack, Snowy Grouper, Yellowedge Grouper, Red Porgy, Grey Tilefish, Vermillion Snapper, Silk Snapper, and Mahi Mahi; again Captain Rick and his mates worked very hard to make this another very successful trip.

We’d highly recommend ‘Sea Horse’ to anyone looking for a charter boat, captain, and crew who will do everything possible to to make your day a successful and very pleasant one.

Richard B
Pristina, Kosovo